Geotechnical Engineering Software

Real-time collaboration between your engineers and field staff

eFieldData’s automated workflow solution with its native mobile app component (downloadable form Apple App Store or Google Play) allows geotechnical engineers to collaborate with field and lab technicians in real time. The easy to use, intuitive mobile app prompts you to enter the right data at the field and lab as our digital forms have preset calculations for construction materials tests related to asphalt, concrete, and soil tests that comply with industry standards such as ASTM and AASHTO and state DOT standards.

Project Managers at the office can be confident that they’re receiving accurate data from the field as our app provides quality control (QC) at every level - from field to lab to office. End result - reliable, accurate test results transmitted to clients instantly, every time - empowering geotechnical engineers to focus on their work, and service more clients.

Beyond CMT, our geotechnical software covers a wide range of inspections with the added advantage of automatically generating exception logs for threshold inspections

Best Geotechnical Software to Transform Your Business Operations

No matter what your future growth and needs are, your investment in geotechnical engineering software will be protected with eFieldData’s modular design that evolves with the latest technology.

Geotechnical Software Features

Quality Management with eFieldData

eFieldData’s quality control (QC) at data entry point coupled with a comprehensive audit trail at every step of the process creates the perfect environment to implement quality assurance (QA) within your organization.

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Eyncon Engineering (Case Study)

Business Challenge

Time-consuming paper forms and manual data entry for CMT reports

Eyncon was drowning in paperwork - their technicians were handwriting test results on paper forms that had to be manually typed into reports. It was time consuming and information was all over the place. Eyncon’s existing process took 3 days to generate reports for clients. They wanted to streamline their process and improve turnaround time for reports to their clients.


A cloud-based software to streamline report generation for CMT

Steve Medina, the principal owner of Enycon looked at several solutions before deciding on eFieldData as the others were cost prohibitive. He took advantage of the two-week trial period eFieldData provided, and got his team to evaluate eFieldData. Based on the positive feeback from his team, Steve signed the contract to move forward with eFieldData’s cloud-based service.

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