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eFieldDATA, a subscription based Software-as-a-Solution(SaaS) platform, is designed by geotechnical engineers for geotechnical engineers to manage construction materials testing, field inspections tasks, reports, and lab data with automated work flow.

Used by field technicians, laboratory technicians, project managers, geotechnical engineers, invoice and timesheet managers to plan and organize projects, schedule field tasks, workflows, reports, timesheets and invoices, eFieldDATA has a broad set of applications to improve efficiency.

Engineers can seamlessly install the mobile app on any smartphone/tablet and have real-time communication with engineers, administrators, and clients.

efieldDATA stands out as a unique solution for engineers seeking to automate project workflow and manage lab reports, field reports, timesheets, billing and analyze productivity using dashboards.

eFieldDATA provides the ability to add custom reports to meet the client’s needs.

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