Scheduling & Dispatch

Instantly create work orders and notify field staff

Easy scheduling and work order creation with auto notification to field technicians. Scheduling and dispatching is done with all required project information for field technicians to reach on site with directions, meet the client with contact details and pre filled project parameters for data accuracy.

Scheduling work orders with eFieldDATA is easy and they are assigned out to the field engineers and technicians with real time or scheduled later notifications. With email or text notifications, field staff view and update their assigned work orders on their tablets, PCs or smart phones.

The automation of scheduling service benefits the admin staff and field engineers to manage their time efficiently and focus on other tasks.

  • Track and view New, Completed or Cancelled work orders instantly
  • Create new work orders at any time and notify technician now or later
  • View work order status at any time by date range, technician, project or client in a list or calendar view
  • Instantly reassign or reschedule work orders at any time

About eFieldDATA

Cloud-based eFieldData for field technicians, Office staff, Engineers, Lab Technicians and Project Managers to manage field data including data collection, work orders, reports, timesheets and invoices.

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