Work Flow

eFieldDATA is a powerful cloud based tool that enables geotechnical engineers to collect and manage data in real time, making it ideal for Construction Material Testing (CMT) using ASTM standards, field inspections and lab management.

Engineers can seamlessly install the mobile app on any smartphone or tablet and communicate in real time with other engineers, administrators and clients.

eFieldData helps users plan and organize projects, work orders, workflows, reports, timesheets and invoices more efficiently.

It supports ASTM, AASHTO standard reports, custom forms/reports with clients, pre-defined fields including field observations, sample pickups, density forms, compressive strength forms, inspections and custom forms.

eFieldDATA Workflow

Our team can set up, deploy and train to get you on board in two weeks.

  • Customized for geotechnical engineers and field/lab technicians
  • Centralized and paperless system
  • Easy mobile access and real-time site data (iOS/Android apps)
  • Supports industry standards (ASTM, AASHTO) and secures data
  • Automated workflow and streamlined front office management
  • Instant notification on work order assignments and completed reports from the field
  • Built-in report templates and summary reports
  • Auto-generated work orders for client invoicing and submitting timesheets
  • Interfaced analysis of productivity and cost

Setup Projects

Easy setup of clients, projects, users, and pricing lists for each project with a few simple clicks. This allows for quick access to project status, planning, and reporting along with business analytics of project progress and productivity.


Scheduling Work Orders

Easy scheduling and work order creation with automated notifications to field technicians. Scheduling and dispatching is done with all required project information for field technicians to reach on site with directions, meet the client with contact details and all required project information for data accuracy.

Field work can be assigned to field technicians and upcoming schedules can be kept to assign to the technician later. They will be notified via text or email to view their assigned work order from the field.

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Field Data Collection

eFieldDATA is designed with a mobile app so that field engineers can seamlessly install on any smartphone/tablet and collect field data at any time. It provides detailed forms for field data collection designed to meet ASTM, AASHTO and other industry standards, supports a variety of standard construction material field activities, and validates entered data against project specifications to reduce data entry errors.

It allows real-time communication with engineers, administrators and clients, who can easily view the pdf report of submitted data as a draft and instantly mail the report to the client.

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Lab Data Management

eFieldDATA is an end-to-end construction materials testing software from work order creation to reports distribution to clients. All workflow is completely automated from collecting samples, receiving them in the lab, submitting lab data, generating reports, and approving and distributing to clients. It helps eliminate miscommunication and data transcription errors.

Our solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of a client’s lab from data calculation to data representation in reports.

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Approve and Distribute Reports

eFieldDATA has an automated workflow integrated into the solution to review, approve, and signoff on reports with electronic seals and digital signatures by project managers. It includes all field observations, test results and cancelled reports.

It is designed with role-based access and an approval process to review data, generate reports and deliver reports to your team and clients instantly, while supporting revision management of all reports. Clients can download approved reports at any time with the portal access.

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Manage Timesheets

The timesheet function is fully automated and makes it easier for field technicians to submit timesheets automatically along with the work orders done for the time period. All data accurately captures the time spent on each work order. Technicians can view the timesheet at any time and submit with their signature for approval.

Fully integrated invoices and timesheets help project managers determine the productivity of the team and plan business decisions.

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Invoice Management

Instant and accurate invoices can be generated from the submitted work orders, hours spent by technician, and the predetermined project pricing list. Business analysis of all open and billed line items can help businesses to make decisions on project progress, previous billings, and amounts to be billed for each project.

eFieldDATA supports both budgeted and non-budgeted CMT/GEO project invoice generation.

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