Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory testing and quality control (QC) are integral to construction materials testing (CMT) and geotechnical engineering services. eFieldData’s Lab Information Management System (LIMS) is part of the comprehensive automated workflow solution for CMT, geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering. As soon as a sample is picked up in the field, the lab technicians would know ahead of time what samples to expect in the lab, and would be able the track the sample by its work order number - information is available in real-time to field & lab technicians, project managers and engineers.

Once field samples are received in the lab, eFieldData’s LIMS facilitates a seamless integration of lab test results to field samples with the digital lab forms that are populated with field information – they do not have to deal with paper forms or manually match lab test results to samples – this saves time and reduces transcription errors. Our solution has predefined formats and calculations that conform to industry standards for construction material testing (CMT) such as ASTM and AAHSTO.

eFieldData brings efficiency to your laboratory data management process - from receiving field samples to validating lab testing to generating client reports. With our Daily Reports, technicians would know up front the concrete breaks due for the day – this makes it easier to plan and manage upcoming lab tasks. Our automated workflow solution simplifies the process to track and manage all the CMT tests including soil tests, concrete compressive strength tests and standard and modified proctor tests.

Streamlined process to manage lab data with predefined calculation and validation to meet industry standards and standardized report formats

  • Lab - Standard Proctor Test
  • Lab - Modified Proctor Test
  • Lab - Sieve
  • Lab - Organic
  • Lab - LBR
  • Lab - CBR
  • Lab - CPU (Concrete)
  • Lab - Florida Bearing Value
  • Lab - Permeability
  • Lab - Carbonate Content

About eFieldDATA

Cloud-based eFieldData for field technicians, Office staff, Engineers, Lab Technicians and Project Managers to manage field data including data collection, work orders, reports, timesheets and invoices.

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