Lab Data Management

Simple Lab Data Entry Forms

eFieldDATA is an end-to-end software from work order creation to reports distribution to clients. All work flow is completely automated from collecting samples, receiving it in lab, submitting lab data, generating reports, approving and distributing to clients. It helps to eliminate miscommunication and data transcription errors.

Our solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of clients lab from data calculation to data representation in reports.

Streamlined process to manage lab data with the in-built calculation and validation to meet industry standards and consistent report formats across all reports.

  • Lab - Standard Proctor Test
  • Lab - Modified Proctor Test
  • Lab - Sieve
  • Lab - Organic
  • Lab - LBR
  • Lab - CBR
  • Lab - CPU (Concrete)
  • Lab - Florida Bearing Value
  • Lab - Permeability
  • Lab - Carbonate Content

About eFieldDATA

Cloud-based eFieldData for field technicians, Office staff, Engineers, Lab Technicians and Project Managers to manage field data including data collection, work orders, reports, timesheets and invoices.

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