eFieldDATA is a subscription-based software solution that enables geotechnical engineers to collect and manage data in real-time, making it ideal for CMT (using ASTM standards), field inspections, and lab management. Users can log in from any computer or device.

Geotechnical engineers, staff administrators, accounting staff, payroll staff, inspectors, field technicians, lab technicians, and project managers can use the eFieldData software. It provides a portal access for your clients to view and download approved reports at any time.

eFieldData allows portal access for any number of clients that will be managed by your company.

eFieldData has apps for users to download from their respective app store. Apple users can download from the iOS App Store and Android users can download the app from the Play Store.

Yes, a licensed user can log in from different devices to perform tasks on-the-go.

eFieldData complies with standards such as ASTM and AASHTO. Reports can be customized to meet each individual company’s requirements.

eFieldData is designed for the geotechnical and materials testing industry by geotechnical engineers to manage field data and reports efficiently. Timesheets and invoices are integrated in one system, reducing errors and missed reports in billing.

Please submit this questionnaire so that we can understand your current process and challenges from scheduling to field data collection to reporting. Our team will then contact you to schedule a demo.

  • Higher profits - increased productivity and reduced errors. 

  • Client satisfaction - receive accurate reports within hours and portal access. 

  • Happy employees - easy and intuitive apps; conducive for remote work and social distancing.

  • Productive project managers - automated workflow with streamlined reporting - more time to focus on clients.

eFieldData provides an affordable solution through annual user based licenses with tiered pricing structure. Contact us for specific packages.

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