Complete electronic Field Data Management System

eFieldData™ a powerful cloud-based automated workflow software that increases productivity and profits for civil engineering companies provides on-the-go field data collection, lab management, and industry standard (ASTM, AASHTO and state DOTs) reporting for Construction Materials Testing and Special Inspections from the field.

eFieldData empowers geotechnical engineers, project managers, inspectors, field technicians, lab technicians and admin staff to collaborate on project specifications and test results in real-time. A big picture dashboard, allows you to keep track of who is doing what job when and where. It’s an end-to-end solution from scheduling to time-sheets and invoicing. eFieldData’s mobile app for field technicians works on both iOS and Android. Learn more about eFieldData.


Intuitive; easy to use; quick onboarding; industry standard (ASTM, AASHTO) digital forms and reports; SaaS Product – pay-as-you-go; ability to attach project drawings & site images; Includes time-sheets & invoices; includes tech support.

  • Collect Data Anytime, Anywhere

    Accessible anywhere at any time from any device

  • Automated Workflow

    Forms automatically populated with required project specifications and built-in calculations

  • Centralized Reporting

    Streamlined document management serves as a centralized, paperless system.

  • Notifications

    Instant notifications on work order assignments and reports from the field

  • Client Portal

    Electronic gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information accessible through a web browser

  • Integration

    Dashboard and business analytics for work order and reports management

For Geotechnical Engineers, Field Inspectors and Staff

eFieldData is designed for various roles such as geotechnical engineers, administration staff, accounting staff, payroll staff, inspectors, field technicians, lab technicians, project managers and clients.

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GEO-Engineering (Case Study)

Business Challenge

Duplicate data entry across multiple systems resulting in errors and slow turnaround time for reports to clients

GEO-Engineering had a set of disparate systems that let to unnecessary time spent ensuring report accuracy and non-uniformity in terms of time-line for deliverables to clients. They were using hand-written field sheets that had to be manually transcribed several times to spreadsheets and programs such as material testing software. Therefore, getting reports to clients was both time consuming and frustrating.


A comprehensive cloud-based SaaS workflow automation software that had an intuitive user interface.

Carlos Rodriguez, MS, PE, MBA, Vice President at GEO-Engineering who is not only an engineer but also has had vast experience in the business world before taking over a leadership role in GEO-Engineering understood the importance of user experience (UX).

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