Complete electronic Field Data Management System

eFieldDATA is a web-based solution for Geo Technical engineers to collect and manage data for construction materials testing and inspections onsite. It works on any smart phones or tablets and connects office staff to review report and approve in real time. It reduces paper work, eliminates data errors, provides reports and automated billing.


Admins create Geo Technical testing (Soil/Grout..) and Inspections work orders and assign to technicians with client, project details, site address and driving directions. Technicians can visit site directly with no paper forms.


Technicians fill out various forms online and on any device stress free and at their client visit, attach images from inspection visits and send email with draft reports to clients instantly.


Automated workflow let Engineers review and approve reports and ensure no mistakes are made because of bad handwriting of paper forms.


Administrators can bill clients on time with work orders populated automatically for each project based on status with more accuracy for project close out.

About Us

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About Our Company

eFieldDATA is a start-up company, providing software automation solutions for Geo Technical engineering and materials testing companies, engineering inspectors and construction materials testing technicians.

We provide complete paperless system from Client management to Billing for small to medium companies at an affordable cost. Our software includes Client Management, Projects/Sub Projects Management, Work Order Management with text/email alert notifications, Laboratory Management, Time Sheet Management, Invoice Management, Document Distribution, Document Archival and Client Portal to download reports.

eFieldDATA can be customized as per client needs and work flow.

About eFieldDATA

eFieldDATA is web-based, electronic reporting system designed to deliver Construction Materials Testing Reports to clients in real-time with notification alerts in every step.

The electronic format and report templates gives complete workflow automation over the distribution of the testing results to clients and other project team members. All reports are distributed in a single PDF document or individual reports or summary reports to facilitate project closeout.

  1. Soil Density Testing / Asphalt Testing
  2. Concrete / Grout / Mortar Testing
  3. Sample Pick up
  1. Welding, Reinforcing, Bolted, Fastening
  2. Covers, Framing, Masonry, Concrete Monitoring
  1. Proctor, Sieve, Organic
  2. LBR, CBR, CPU (Concrete), Carbonate Content
  1. Easily schedule, assign work orders to technicians/inspectors/lab technicians
  2. Manage Work loads
  3. Auto text / email notification of new work order
  4. Track progress of work orders
  1. Easily enter field testing/inspection data in real time, calculate results including ASTM, AASHTO standards and perform validations as per predefined project parameters and more.
  2. Field data gathering and submission through mobile phones
  3. Submit Inspection data with images through mobile phones
  4. Email draft reports immediately after data submission and approved
  1. Easily Create templates for standardized Reports for each testing including Soils, Concrete, Grout, Asphalt, Inspections, Samples, LBR/CBR
  2. Reduce report turnaround time by field or lab data collection
  3. Electronic review, approve and distribute reports with sign and seal option
  4. Download reports in pdf/excel format with watermark and no watermark

About eFieldDATA

Cloud-based eFieldData for field technicians, Office staff, Engineers, Lab Technicians and Project Managers to manage field data including data collection, work orders, reports, timesheets and invoices.

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Cloud-based eFieldData for field technicians, Office staff, Engineers, Lab Technicians and Project Managers to manage field data including data collection, work orders, reports, timesheets and invoices.

Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

Accessible anywhere at any time from any device

Automated Workflow

Forms automatically populated with all required information for data collection

Centralized Reporting

Streamlined front office management serves as Centralized and Paperless system.


Instant Notifications on Work Orders assignments, Reports completion from the field

Client Portal

A client portal is an electronic gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information accessible over the Internet through a web browser


Dashboard and Business Analytics on Work order and Reports Management


Below are some of the screenshots of available features for various roles with PDF and Excel documents.
Contact us for a DEMO.

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For Geotechnical Engineers, Field Inspectors and Staff

eFieldData is designed for various roles such as Geotechnical Engineers, Staff Administrators, Accounting Staff, Payroll Staff, Inspectors, Field Technicians, Lab Technicians, Project Managers and Clients

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  • eFieldData is designed for GeoTechnical Engineers to manage material testing management easier with technical advancements.

  • It is a cloud-based software, designed for the geotechnical and materials testing industry by geotechnical engineers to manage field data and reports efficiently.

  • It is a centralized online system for managing clients, projects, work requests, data collection, reports, reports distribution, timesheets and invoices.

  • Field technicians can collect data using smart phones or tablets from the field and send draft reports to clients in real-time.

  • Now Engineers/Project Managers can view and analyze staff productivity and cost analysis.

  • Your clients can download reports at any time as a single PDF or as consolidated reports for project closeout.

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